Established in 1990, Tak Tractors from the very beginning has tried to understand customer need so that they get better value for their money, hard earned. Tak Tractors has state of manufacturing, spread in acres, located at Lagos, Abuja and other locations in Nigeria. History reveals that innovation is the key to continued progress and when applied to technology that touches human life, it can unfold a whole new economic phenomenon that has the power to change the world. With unique initiatives like the Thought leadership Forum, Leadership Forum, we have been able to create a unique platform for learning through success stories of industry leaders.

The company has gradually transformed itself into a world-class player involved in building state-of-the-art products, solutions and technologies. As an industry, we are very conscious of our responsibility to society. Tak Tractors intends to become a catalyst, encouraging our members to do more, capturing best practices for quality and harnessing a greater range of resources, from the industry and beyond, to make a major impact on the development. It has been our vision to cater to the needful agriculture and auto industry with quality products through untiring dedication and activities. As we step in to our fifth decade of existence, we continue to lead the development. Tractor and car plants work in 2 to 3 shifts depending upon volume of work for maximum production. We Continue to march ahead on road to success and glory driven by the force of initiative and determination to have a leading position in the tractor industry in the days to come .